Started by an innovator more than 80 years ago, the iconic denman brand remains a leading light in hairdressing today.
It was during a trip to New York, in 1938, a young entrepreneur from Northern Ireland John Denman Dean was introduced to a new revolutionary product, Nylon. He returned home with a cabin full of this new material and soon after the war figured a use for it in hairbrushes. By the 1950’s the reputation of this innovative new brush began to grow. Celebrity hairdressers over the decades may all have had their own unique style, but they also all had a Denman hairbrush.
Working with influential hairdressers from around the world, Denman developed a vast array of different tools and brushes that today make up the Denman range.

The most popular and best Denman brushes for curly hair or natural hair are D3 7 Row Original Styler or D4 9 Row Original Styler. These hair brushes are specially designed to achieve maximum curl definition.

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